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[ Spending several weeks on a mission was not new for Logan. Ororo didn't always like it, but she rarely complained about it, knowing that he can and did go a bit stir-crazy when he was caged in one place too long. All she'd asked was for him to try not to go off, too often. And reminded him that there would always be people waiting for him when he finally came home.

She respected and could relate to his need for solitude and privacy, so she didn't stray into his room to clean it often. She did, however, make a point of airing it out now and then, whenever the weather allowed it. It was usually a mess, one she didn't touch when she'd enter his room to open his windows so the smell of cigars and beer wouldn't collect and linger. Which was why she gave a startled gasp when, upon entering his room today, she found it jarringly clean, and empty. As if he'd never been there.

She hovered by the door for a few seconds, allowing herself only those few, precious moments to feel... well, anything. There was a sense of loss and regret there that she didn't quite want to acknowledge - not now, and not any time soon - so she put those feelings in a box, and put the box away. It was such a nice day outside; the last thing she wanted was to ruin that with an off-season bout of rain.

Steeling herself, she gently closed the door and turned right back around to set about breaking the news to her fellow X-Men in person. And then, later on in the day, she makes a quick voice post over the journals. ]

Good afternoon, Luceti. A moment of your time, if you please. To those that knew him, Wolverine - better known as Logan - has gone home. I'm afraid he hasn't left anything for anyone, but please know that though he hadn't quite shown it, I am sure he appreciated knowing all of you, and making his stay in Luceti an eventful one.

[ Filtered to Logan's students ]

... I know that this is unexpected, and I apologize on Logan's behalf. If you would still like to continue training, I would be more than willing to help you learn about your powers, and how to use them. Please, do not feel obligated to say yes. I know that I am not what you signed up for. [Ororo chuckles quietly.] But, I just wanted to let you know that you do not have to stop training if you do not want to. Feel free to contact me over the journals and we can discuss things. Thank you. 

[ Action ]

[ That done, she spends the remainder of the afternoon at the Battle Dome, seeing if she can't catch any of Logan's former students around so they can speak in person. When night falls, she returns to House 16 like nothing's wrong - sets the table, makes dinner, weeds her garden and goes to bed.

Late in the evening, when most are asleep, she opens her window and goes for an evening flight. The rain finally comes down, but far away and over the mountains, where the village does not have to feel it. She doesn't come back to the house until it's nearly dawn. ]
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[ Action* ]

[ When Ororo came to early that morning, she was propped up against a tree. She wondered idly how long she'd been gone. Her memory was a bit spotty, she barely remembered how she'd been taken, or what had happened while she was there. She did remember that they'd tested the limits of her powers this time though, and were especially focused on how much of her own lightning she could take. She could still smell the ozone on her uniform.

They'd taken care of the worst of her injuries, thankfully, so she took a few moments to take stock of her remaining ones. Her arms were still badly burned, but not so terribly that treating them could not wait. Her ribs felt sore, but thankfully not broken. Bruised, perhaps. From a fall, maybe? She can't remember. Her shoulder definitely got the worst of it: dislocated, and she couldn't pop it back in herself. It made moving around difficult, since it hung limply where it stubbornly bumped against her bruised side. Flying was out of the question - not that she had the energy for it, anyway - so she'd have to walk.

Gingerly, she got up and had to bite her lip to keep from crying out in pain when she jostled that shoulder. She knew she'd be easier to find if she would just make some noise, but pride kept her from being seen like this. Seeing a doctor or a healer had to come first, before anything else. The last thing she wanted was for any of her friends to see the state she was in right now. ]

[ Action: open to anyone! ]

[ One thing Ororo did appreciate about Luceti was the kind of healing that was available to everyone. "Magic" was still a term she wasn't comfortable using, but she had to admit that it was certainly convenient. She'd been badly injured upon her return from her kidnap, and yet here she was making a very quick, very brief stop at All Passions, mere hours later. Against doctor's orders, and Mia was definitely going to get mad if she ever found out, but she really wanted to find clothes that would hide the burns that remained on her arms before her friends at the house saw them! She didn't want to worry them any more than she already had.

Still, no matter what her intentions were, picking out some decent clothes for the fall was still quick to tire her out. She wasn't completely healed and definitely still needed rest! So she takes a moment to sit by the fountain for a little while, before she finally heads for home for some much-needed rest. ]

[ *ooc ; the first part is open to the first person to find her and help her to the nearest clinic! just one, please :) now closed to Nami! \o/ but feel free to run into her later in the day! ]

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Good morning, Luceti. My name is Ororo, known by some as Storm. Some of you might have seen me at the Battle Dome with my students. What I do is help people with special abilities learn control over their powers. In my world, we call these abilities mutations, as they are tied to a genetic anomaly in our DNA. But really, they aren't quite that different from the different sorts of powers many people here in Luceti appear to possess. 

Some of you might be familiar with my friend and colleague Wolverine, who has previously made offers to extend our help to those who want it. Well, I am here to reiterate that the offer still stands, and if any of you are in particular need of guidance or training in controlling such powers, we can do our level best to assist you. 

[ A friendly, open smile. ]

If anyone is interested or have further questions, please feel free to stop by the Dome this morning, or contact me over the journal.

Thank you for your time. 

[ And true to her word, Ororo can be found at the Battle Dome for most of the day, as was the norm for the past week and half. Logan's still on his mission, so it's just been her (and Natasha, on occasion!) overseeing the various training sims for the X-Men and other interested parties. She's not an expert in hand to hand combat - that's Logan's deal - so a lot of the sims instead have had a focus on strategy and simulated rescue ops.

For those who aren't participating in a demo, they can catch her designing a program at the console. Tomorrow's a Friday, so for the team session she was thinking of perhaps setting up a game of all-powers-allowed volleyball. It would have been nice to play a game outside, with the weather so wonderful lately, but it runs the risk of being a little... rambunctious. Teenagers with powers kind of tend to be competitive, she's learned. ]

[ Late in the afternoon finds her returning to House 16. It's been a long day, and she still needs to tend to her garden! So she sees to that first before even thinking about heading inside for some rest. She hopes, vaguely, that the X-Kids have left some food of the not-junk variety, or else she'll need to make a trip over to Seventh Heaven for dinner. ]
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[It's been some time since the TERRACE draft. While it was not her first and while Ororo was no stranger to violence and war and even death, it is always difficult to come face to face with them as she did a week ago. After all, she may treasure peace,but given the nature of her powers and the situation they were caught in, she was forced to see that she was also quite good at making war when she needed to. And although she loved her powers dearly, times like the draft reminded her how destructive they could be.

Now, a week and a bit later, she intends to remind herself that that was not all her mutation was good for.

So after her morning Danger Room session at the Battle Dome, Ororo spends some time at the Flower Shop and the Item Store, both located in the center of town. In the former, she hovers over packets of seeds thoughtfully, also selecting a few already potted plants that she figures she might transfer to her budding garden. In the latter, she looks around for any helpful tools she might find useful - trowels, shovels, a spritzing bottle for the more delicate plants, and even considers a wheelbarrow for several minutes - ultimately she decides it's too much effort to bring it all the way back to the house. She does end up making multiple trips - not that it was too much of a bother for someone who could fly.

In the afternoon, she can be found in the garden in front of House 16. No gardening gloves for her, Ororo likes the feeling of sinking her hands into the earth. And anyway, yesterday's rain made the soil loose enough to work with easily. She goes about things generally quietly, though there are snatches of quiet conversation as she speaks fondly to her plants and, on some occasions, even softly humming to them. It's a lot of work, but that was fine. She found it therapeutic. And though she likes working alone, more often than not she at least had a little black raincloud to keep her company.

During a brief break from her gardenwork, Ororo decides to address her journal.]

As much as I love snow and frost, I must admit that spring is a favorite season of mine. It is so full of life, and color, and growing things. Rebirth. [She smiles serenely.]

Do you have any plans for this spring, Luceti? I know I will be busy coaxing my garden to bloom again after a winter's worth of sleeping. 
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[ Storm returns from her week-and-a-half long mission midday on the 12th. Well, she hadn't known it was the 12th when she came back, just that she'd been gone a while. The first thing she'd done when she got back was return to the X-House, but since Rogue had claimed dibs on the only bath in House 16, Ororo decided to indulge herself in an outdoor shower. She needed to find a relatively secluded place for that, so quickly she decides to detour to somewhere high above the flatlands beyond the forests where (hopefully...!) she wouldn't be disturbing anyone.

It'd been a while since she had done such a thing, bathing in rainclouds of her own making, and the mission had been long and tedious despite having Rogue by her side for much of the fighting... So she uses up most of the afternoon for herself and takes the scenic route home.

It's only after she returned to the X-House refreshed and energized that she thought to check the journals and realize belatedly that it was the 12th of January, today. That... gives her pause.

So, thirty years old. Strange; most women gave that number quite a bit of significance. It was supposed to be a milestone (or at least, that's what her sister told her) where by now she should be thinking about whether or not she was ever going to get married, have children or what kind of career she was supposed to focus on. Food for thought, she figured.

In the end, she decides to celebrate it with little fanfare. Evening finds her stopping by Good Spirits for a drink or two, dressed with a little more care than she would have taken on a regular day. She's warm and friendly for the most part, even if towards the end of the night she seems more introspective than normal. Feel free to approach...! ]

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[It had been midmorning when Ororo woke up and found herself propped up against a tree, forest all around her. She was slow in waking, blinking tiredly up at the trees, wondering briefly where she was and what had just happened and thinking how nice it was that all was quiet; noise would have only served to make the throbbing in her head worse... It takes a few moments for her to realize that there was something wrong.

She tries to sit up - failing that, she looks around hurriedly. Nature was rarely, truly quiet, she knew. She was in a forest - she should be hearing something, anything - the rustle of leaves, snatches of birdsong, or even a whisper of wind. Panicking a little, she raises a hand to call forth a breeze, relaxing only when she feels a wind blow through her hair immediately. She closes her eyes in relief; if they'd taken her powers from her, she wasn't sure what she would have done.

She gives herself a moment to breathe before looking around - and finds her journal with a pen conveniently tucked in sitting beside her. She could hardly call her teammates right now, but at least she could leave them a written note:]

[written; filtered to Logan, Rogue and Mia]
Good morning. [Of course she's going to be polite about this!]
I hate to interrupt your morning routines, but [a pause here, because anyone who knew Ororo would know that she wasn't always comfortable with asking for help,] I may need some assistance in returning to the house.

[For anyone else: If you happen to be wandering the forested area behind the Barracks, you might spy one mutant weather witch slowly, carefully drifting through the trees - because of course she is going to try and make it on her own, anyway. Walking would aggravate the sprain in her ankle that she'd discovered when she tried standing - and she didn't have the energy to fly. Hovering was her next best bet, even if it took a lot out of her and meant taking frequent rest stops every few meters!]
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[ The journal starts recording very abruptly, catching the crash of a chair hitting the floor, and the tail end of an imperious taunt-- ]

--re mistaken if you think I will come quietly.

[ What follows is a series of bursts of lightning that white out the journal camera for a few moments, leaving the audio to record the rest: glass breaking with the force of a window being thrown open as ororo takes the fight outside, a fierce rush of wind lifting her up to the quickly darkening sky above, thunder booming in the distance as she rises higher and higher, disappearing into the clouds, vaguely hoping to outrun the droids that have finally come for her... but as suddenly as the weather worsens, it begins to fade away. ]

[ When the skies finally clear, she's gone. ]

01 . action

Sep. 6th, 2012 01:33 pm
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Action: Reserved for residents of House 16 )

[ Storm's first order of business after moving back into her old room at House 16 was to visit the stores for some essentials: the clothes shop being her first stop. As soon as she'd changed into and picked up some familiar clothes, she stepped back outside - and when it was safe, Ororo called down a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike the damned New Feather dress into ash. Subtle? Not in the least, but she had to vent somehow, right? Right. ]

[ Her next stops include the Item Store, and the grocery (to re-stock the house's food supply with some vaguely nutritious food), but her final stop of the day, despite the groceries and other items in her arms, would be Cloud Nine. Some of her clearer memories of Luceti were of the quaint little club, and Ororo rather hoped it would jog a few more of her memories... ]

[ Anyone in town is free to recognize or even bump into her as she makes her way around the village! Storm will be all over the place in general, seeking to re-familiarize herself with the town again. ]

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Storm as seen in X-Men Evolution is different from her counterpart in the comic books in a few ways. Foremost of which, I think, is that in this universe (officially, Earth 11052), Storm has existing family in her sister (Vivian), her brother-in-law (unnamed in canon, but let's call him Carl for convenience's sake) and her nephew (Evan, codenamed Spyke).

With a bit of brain-wracking and headcanon-figuring, I've put together a rough timeline for the Storm of this reality. It's got elements from the few episodes that touch on her origins in the show, some information from the X-Men Evolution comic spin-off that ran for nine issues, and finally, bits and pieces of Storm's origins in the main comics continuity.

Storm: Origins )